Leroy has crossed the line in his latest issue, of Ward 32 News

Leroy has crossed the line in his latest issue, of Ward 32 News, but what can Paul do about it?  It’s not a police matter, and you can’t sue someone with no money or assets.  All I can do is write the truth.  I have known Paul Murton for over fifteen years. I have done everything from silly little jobs, to customer service, to helping print CD’s, to writing front page stories for his online and web-based publications.  Included in the “silly little jobs” category was accompanying Paul to a Miss Toronto modelling tryout/photo-shoot, where the organizer, was running late.  It is mandatory for Paul to have a second person at any of his photo-shoot/modelling events, preferably female for a few reasons.  Paul is a good photographer/videographer in his own right, but he isn’t the ideal person to direct a shoot- make the model(s) feel comfortable, suggest poses, etc.  He simply doesn’t feel comfortable telling a pretty girl to look sexy- he would feel creepy doing so, which is why he has never organized any sort of one-on-one modelling project.  As stunning and photogenic as some women may be, shyness or lack of confidence get in the way, making it impossible for them to connect with the camera and allow their true beauty to shine through. I am not all that shy though, so I had no problem joking around with the women who arrived, trying to help them loosen up. When Karen finally arrived with the reigning Miss Toronto Alana Kindree, I couldn’t help noticing that our city’s beauty queen was almost as tense as the poor girls who had faced their first photo-shoot.  I remember Paul asking me to tag along for similar projects over the years, but until I developed my shameful obsession with ‘America’s/Canada’s Next Top Model”, it was of no interest to me.

Paul has been hired to take pictures of aspiring models by the Miss Toronto Pageant, and is happy to continue putting tasteful and clothed shots/videos of hopeful young ladies in print and on the web at their request.  Modelling careers come out of exposure of potential, and physical appearance is a large part of that potential. There are links to all of these aspiring models on most of Paul’s websites, and many of them have short clips on Youtube.  There is nothing fishy, creepy or weird about it, and Paul has nothing to hide.  He is simply using his web presence to give aspiring models exposure. Nobody is naked, or under age, and nobody is being manipulated.

From a co-worker of Paul Murton, and her daughter, there is nothing creepy about this man.  He is simply a nice person who is happy to help his friends, and a businessman trying to pay the rent.



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