Vinyl LP Record Pressing Plant In Toronto

Vinyl LP wait is over – Introductory Discount

Vinyl LP wait is over – Introductory Discount

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Vinyl LP Record Pressing Plant In Toronto

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Sound Quality

The thickness and quality of the vinyl is imperative when it comes to a good quality vinyl lp. In the early 70’s, as a cost cutting move, much of the music industry began reducing both the thickness and the quality of record vinyl. Marketed by RCA Victor as the Dynaflex (125g) process, it was considered inferior by most collectors. Something to keep in mind when shopping for older recordings, but likely unavoidable in a lot of cases. Most vinyl records are pressed from a mixture of 70/30% virgin to recycled vinyl. New or “virgin” heavy/heavyweight (180-220g) vinyl is commonly used modern audiophile vinyl releases. Many collectors prefer heavyweight vinyl albums for their superior sound because of their higher tolerance against deformation from normal wear and tear.

Vinyl Record Care and Maintenance

Dust, oil and dirt not only takes away from the sound, playing a dirty vinyl LP actually damages the playing surface, so keeping your vinyl record collection clean is very important. Many commercial products contain isopropyl alcohol and shouldn’t- despite the nice shiny result, the alcohol actually strips the protective coating and leaves the vinyl LP vulnerable to damage and the sound brittle and grainy. Your best bet is a device specifically designed for cleaning- some are quite inexpensive, or a non-abrasive microfiber cloth in a pinch. Some people recommend dish soap, but the reviews on that vary, and rinsing with water is difficult without damaging the label. Handle them at the edges and make sure you center them before putting them on the turntable so they don’t get damaged. Aside from that, sit back and enjoy the tunes!




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